Meet Webbhuset - our new Solution Partner

Webbhuset, Jacob Holm

The technology-focused digital agency Webbhuset has decided to become a Solution Partner with us at Norce. We are delighted about this collaboration and wanted to learn more about their thoughts behind it. Jacob Holm from Webbhuset shares his insights and explains the reasoning behind their choice.

Tell us about Webbhuset

At Webbhuset, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. With a team of 20 dedicated and tech-savvy professionals, we thrive on tackling the most challenging projects that come our way. Our expertise lies in our deep understanding of digital commerce, which has allowed us to deliver tailored solutions to our clients for many years.

When it comes to building e-commerce platforms, we start with needs rather than solutions, ensuring that every aspect aligns with our client's specific requirements. We place great emphasis on creating efficient solutions that cater to all their needs now and in the long term.
Our team of experienced employees has been with us for an extended period, and through our shared passion for growth and development, we have transformed Webbhuset into the company it is today.

What was it that attracted you to the Norce platform?

What initially drew Webbhuset to the Norce platform was its unparalleled flexibility, which aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing tailor-made solutions. Unlike older platforms that often hinder business needs due to their lack of adaptability, Norce strikes a remarkable balance in it´s possibility for customization. This approach ensures that Norce is never intrusive, but rather seamlessly integrates with the specific requirements of our clients.

What would you say are the bigest benefits for joint customers?

By combining our expertise and resources, we can provide swift and efficient solutions that align with Webbhusets core values of future-proofing and scalability. Together, we are well-equipped to create optimal outcomes for our customers while ensuring a solid return on investment throughout the entire process.


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