What is meant by ”Best-of-breed”?


“Best-of-breed” (best-in-class) means assembling systems comprising the best available components on the market. Each component, or subsystem, is custom-built to handle a specific function that is a subset of a complete system.

Modern e-commerce platforms are built so that you can easily put together a best-of-breed solution, consisting of cutting-edge components, from various third-party solution providers. These can be, for example, publishing tools (CMS), search and recommendation services, CRM, various tools for customer service, and the like.


With a best-of-breed solution, it’s easier to maintain each component. You can change and upgrade faster, and more modularly. A fully-integrated system will always involve compromises and adaptations; which can be difficult and expensive to maintain and expand, as your digital business changes. The flexibility of such systems simply cannot contend with changing business needs.
An e-commerce solution that can be flexibly implemented and expanded is to one’s advantage, in today's fast-moving digital world.
Storm Commerce has open and modern APIs that enable smooth integration with both third-party systems and proprietary applications.


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