Automated e-commerce for both B2C and B2B

Sportson was founded in 1980 in Gothenburg and is today operated under a common franchise concept with 27 stores in 16 locations around the country - from Gothenburg in the west, all the way up to Sundsvall in the north. Today Sportson is Sweden's largest bicycle specialist chain with the ambition to be the best in bicycles and accessories and to offer the markets widest range of well-known brands. Sportson is proud of its knowledgeable, committed and service-oriented in-store staff members, with skilled bike mechanics in their own workshops and the company lives by the motto “We know bikes”.

Sportson implemented its e-commerce platform from Norce Commerce with Grebban as Solution Partner.

"The flexibility of the system was really what made us choose Norce. I definitely think it has benefited us and we now have completely different options than we had before".

"Norce Commerce is a structured and well-built platform that can be used from anywhere. But above all, the headless functionality means that we can basically connect any system or frontend and build our own backend functionality to support the overall business. It was important for us as we did not want to end up with only one solution. Now we can easily develop and connect the systems that suit us ".

Jonas Holtbo, Marketing and Establishment Manager at Sportson

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Working manually

Sportson previously worked manually and could not offer sales via e-commerce. The products were only presented through a digital catalogue. An automated e-commerce solution was needed.


Sportson desired a powerful PIM for handling all products.

Uniform customer communication

Sportson wanted to provide structured product data to their customers so that they had cohesive communication and the same pricing all the way.

Development and CMS

Sportson wanted the freedom to connect to any front end and be able to easily try out new functions and designs.


The solution needed to integrate both cash register systems (POS) and store systems, as well as suppliers of product data and make it possible to develop their own functionality that supports the stores in different ways.

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Customer-specific portals

Customer-specific portals for sales both to private and public sectors was needed.

Cloud operation

Since Sportson is constantly expanding its range and increasing its customer base at a rapid pace, a solution was needed that could handle a growing site without problems. The need for upscaling during high seasons was also a priority.


The new solution provides a better structure of product data and a system that enables the development of the entire business at all levels.

With Norce PIM, Sportson can collect, structure and enrich the information about its products and give everyone in the organization easy access to the same updated information.

Cloud operation allows Sportson to scale up at any time, for example at sales peaks.

The ability to connect several different systems to one platform made administration and sales easier, both online and in physical stores.

During the development of Sportson's omnichannel solution, a separate project was initiated in which Sportson broadened its range of B2B services and public administration in order to build a long-term and recurring business in a completely new way. Thanks to Norce Commerce, Sportson was able to easily create customer-specific portals for sale in both the private and public sectors.

To meet the high demands of new markets, they required a solution that was both universal and flexible.

The flexibility of the system means that Sportson can test and disconnect parts and build their own solutions.

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  1. With Norce Commerce, Sportson has established solutions and concepts to meet new requirements from both the private and public sectors.
  2. Connecting several different systems to one platform has facilitated administration and sales, both online and in physical stores.
  3. The implementation of many functions makes it possible for Sportson to connect with the customer to help them in various ways.
  4. Customer-specific portals provide new opportunities for sales in both the private and public sector.
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