B2B-oriented Ultimate Nordic presents digital investment for final customer

Ultimate Nordic is a leading distributor within sport, outdoor life and building and profiled wear for a range of resellers.


Ultimate Nordic is a leading distributor within sport, outdoor life and building and profiled wear for a range of resellers. Their sales have previously only been focused on B2B, but in order to reach out with their full range to the end consumer more effectively, they decided to find solutions and increase their investment in the B2C segment. The answer was a significant digital investment with a big focus on finding cost-effective and flexible solutions for driving more stores towards a shared back-end. After considering the options they finally decided on a collaboration with Norce to build a successful e-commerce solution - something that's produced results. Find out how here.

Directly to the end customer

B2B has always been and always will be the company's primary operation. Ultimate Nordic currently has a portfolio of 65 brands, with different sizes and target groups. 

Several benefits were identified by getting closer to the end user and creating more brand awareness, which in turn provided guidelines for collaboration with a platform that could quickly scale up several online stores with a reasonable time and cost. 

Overarching goals

Ultimate Nordic has a vision to build a stronger brand and increase its spread, by launching more shops in and outside the Norwegian market.

We have a clear ambition to become stronger in new B2C and e-commerce channels. That's why we were looking for a scalable system that would simplify both our internal work and also sales and communication to all our markets.


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Launching several new channels requires careful planning for internal routines and to ensure that costs are used efficiently. Another central aspect is the cost for associated operation and support. Ultimate Nordic needed a partner who would take an active role in this aspect, with a clear division of roles. There was a need for solutions for several front-ends for several different brands as well as a back-end structure with smooth handling.

Perhaps the most important factor was that the new channel for B2C couldn't be at the expense of the primary B2B. The brand needed to be strengthened, but not change communication about price and target group.


That's why they chose Norce

The main reason why Norce was chosen as the platform supplier and partner was its solutions that make it easy to build several shops on one and the same platform.

– We were researching different solutions. What Norce was offering was the most complete and tailored solution for us. Their solutions made everything easier. After we signed, it wasn't long before we started our launches.

Ultimate Nordic also has a relatively small internal team, which means that we need a proactive and knowledgeable partner. Norce gives support with the right skills both before and after launch, and has a long-term partner model.



The web project was started with Norce at the beginning of 2020. At that time, the company had no online stores at all. Five stores are now established in collaboration with Norce: Brusletto, Leathermann, Ledlenser, Markabutikken (for the Ski association) and in 2021 more stores will be established.



Norce's multi-shop solution made it possible for several brands to reuse design elements but at the same time get their own look. This means that both the timeline and the cost per brand are kept at a reasonable level. The solution involves a back-end and a jointlogin is used for multiple front-ends. This means that all parties can work more time-efficiently - which leads to increased productivity and lower costs.

It is incredibly easy to work with one back-end and several front-ends at the same time. "This means that we now avoid unnecessary delays and can work more efficiently.

Espen Vikanes at Ultimate Nordic.



E-commerce Strategy Manager

Norce's ESM came in handy as a knowledgeable resource and e-commerce expert. E-commerce strategy managers have the task of contributing with information, trends and opportunities to ensure good strategic decisions and qualitative analyses.

The collaboration with several experienced competencies have led to countless opportunities for our established shops. And together with Norce's ESMs, we can trust in a secure development for the future, Espen continues.



Webbyrån Ebeling as design partner

Ebeling has been responsible for all the design and UX throughout the project and has been an important part of the multi-shop solution. The goal was to sketch a design that was in line with the company's brand and focus on B2B.

The communication among all parties involved has been exemplary, says Espen.



Stronger Brand Awareness

The collaboration with Norce has created a platform that strengthens the brand and enables increased distribution among end consumers and retailers.

The new branding channels have made it easier to communicate information and inspiration to engage the target groups.

Effective internal processes

A shared back-end and multiple front-ends have meant more cost-effective methods to set up stores. In addition, the dialogue between several different parties has become easier.


Ultimate Nordic has been a sports and outdoor supplier with a focus on B2B since the start. In order to give their end customers access to their full range, in collaboration with Norce, they started an extensive project that involved several new online stores aimed entirely at the end consumer. Together with Norce and design partner Ebeling, four online stores were launched in 2020. All based on Norce's multishop solution, which allows several stores to share the same framework. Each store was launched with great success and more stores are planned in and outside the Norwegian market in 2021.