Accelerating Digital Commerce

Norce Commerce is a powerful Software as a Service platform. That means that your e-commerce solution is cloud-based and always runs on the latest version and with the latest technology.

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Accelerate your digital commerce. Invest in composable commerce

Norce is the leading Nordic SaaS provider for Digital Commerce. We provide
e-commerce merchants, brands, and B2B merchants with powerful e-commerce
tools for growth. Based on composable architecture, an open platform software system, and a cloud-based approach; we pave the way for tomorrow's customer journeys.

Customers in B2B/B2C
Sales in 25 markets
Million purchase orders transacted by Norce
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Secure the future of your e-commerce with Norce´s modern technology

  • Scalability and Stability in the cloud

    A powerful, cloud-based e-commerce engine; fully-automated software version updates.

  • Easily integrated and future-proof solution with open APIs

    Modern, open APIs create e-commerce frameworks, ready for integration with the market's best business system solutions.

  • Composable architecture for flexibility and scalability

    Open architecture, where components are brought together and tailored, as needed, to create a customer-centric e-commerce experience.
  • Front end with leading performance and great flexibility

    Entirely headless and API-driven; for design and functionality, completely tailored to your needs.

  • E-commerce solution for retail and brands with specific prerequisites

    Loaded with functionality for unlimited e-commerce, in markets around the world. Integrated with the market's best business system solutions, resulting in a relevant and harmonized customer journey.

  • Norce creates tomorrow's leader in digital B2B

    An ultimate e-commerce development tool for you, as a retail merchant; or a distributor or manufacturer, selling to other businesses. The platform is designed for process automation; but also has a modern, easy-to-use user interface.

Successful e-commerce solution with leading technology


True SaaS ensures scalability and access; needed required, so that the latest technology and updates are always available to you - without exorbitant development costs, or down-time.

Scalable Cloud Service

Norce means security, performance, scalability, and modern infrastructure. All data is stored at Microsoft Azure, and it is possible to add new channels, brands, and/or markets – at any time.


Since Norce is headless, you are ability to construct a front-end experience, where design and functionality are completely tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

API-First/Best of Breed

Norce designs, services, and supports the key APIs needed to run successful e-commerce. This simplifies the construction of e-commerce solutions that can be integrated with the market's leading business system tools for digital commerce.

Integrations for a seamless user experience

Assemble your system, using the best components on the market. 
Thanks to Norce Commerce's open APIs, you can easily integrate the business systems that best suit your business; to create that unique e-commerce solution.